Statement by John Bailey, EVP for Science CTFA on FDA Nanotechnology Report

The Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA)  today issued the following statement in response to the July 25 nanotechnology report released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Nanotechnology Task Force:

“FDA’s assessment of the safety of nanotechnology in the product categories it regulates does not suggest an identifiable risk that is characteristic of nanotechnology.  As a result, the agency’s nanotechnology taskforce did not recommend changes in the agency’s regulatory authority over nanotechnology.

“The taskforce also stated its conclusion that products with nanotech do not need to be specially labeled because the current science does not support a finding that products with nanotechnology pose a greater safety concern than products without it.

“Cosmetics and personal care products companies have a long history of marketing safe products and have developed comprehensive approaches to safety assessment that are appropriate to ensure the safety of all products, including those with and without nanoparticles.  However, if FDA chooses to develop its own guidance, we will work with the agency to develop guidance that is effective and appropriate for these products.

“We support the important and premier role FDA plays in regulating personal care products and will continue to work with the agency to ensure the safety of all products, including those made with nanoscale materials.  Additionally, we believe FDA must continue to receive increased resources to deal with the many important issues under its purview in a timely fashion, including challenges posed by innovation and new technology.

“Cosmetic and personal care products companies are committed to safe, quality and innovative products and invest substantial scientific resources in the safety assessment process. Under current law, companies are required to substantiate the safety of all products before they are marketed.”