Statement by Personal Care Products Council on California Assembly Bill 2491



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Statement by Personal Care Products Council on California Assembly Bill 2491

WASHINGTON—“Assembly Bill 2491, introduced by Assemblyman Alex Lee, while well-intentioned in its efforts to protect preteens, falls short of addressing the real issue and instead creates restrictions so complicated that compliance or enforcement would be largely impossible. By proposing sales restrictions for a wide range of cosmetics and personal care products, including basic essentials like sunscreens, moisturizers, and cleansers, this bill threatens to overregulate products that are safe and essential for healthy skin care.

“Safeguarding preteens from the pressures of social media and the inappropriate use of cosmetics is extremely important to our member companies. This bill would not provide such safeguards. AB 2491 is a hastily drafted attempt to use legislative force to stop a social media trend. Every ingredient targeted by this bill is safe when used as directed at the appropriate age. In addition to reviewing product ingredients with each sale, this bill would require cashiers to know whether a product has been advertised as anti-aging and would further require them to verify a customer’s age at checkout.

“We must collectively find real solutions that genuinely promote the welfare of preteens. In the meantime, we urge legislators to vote no on AB 2491.”  

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