Global Advocacy

PCPC actively pursues programs to align regulatory practices and eliminate trade barriers for cosmetics and personal care products sold worldwide. The beauty industry is global, and companies face a myriad of complex, often different, regulations and requirements affecting import/manufacture, sale, marketing, advertising, and registration of cosmetics and personal care products.

PCPC’s Global Strategies Department advocates our industry’s interests with U.S. and foreign regulators, trade officials and policy makers around the world, and provides guidance and informational resources to assist companies in navigating the challenging global environment.

Under the direction of the International Executive Steering Committee, PCPC promotes global alignment through international regulatory cooperation and Free Trade agreements, and engages with foreign governments on regulatory proposals and trade issues. PCPC’s advocacy efforts are often supported by the U.S. Government at the World Trade Organization. PCPC works closely with international cosmetic industry associations to develop common positions and advocacy strategies for a “one voice” approach on issues affecting our industry globally.

Members participate in various international subcommittees and task forces to provide PCPC with input on comments filed with foreign regulatory authorities and in response to notification of proposed regulations to the WTO Technical Barrier to Trade (TBT) Committee.

For additional information on PCPC’s issues and programs, please visit the pages linked below.