The On-Line INFOBASE is the PCPC members-only premier resource providing access to major data collections on ingredients and technical reports, as well as current news.

The On-Line INFOBASE contains the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary & Handbook and cross references its contents with many applicable regulations, such as EU Annexes, Canada Hot List and California’s Proposition 65. In addition, the INFOBASE includes Cosmetic Ingredient Review reports and status, ingredient safety information, suppliers and more.

Features include:

  • Access to 27,500 INCI cosmetic names from around the world
  • Information on these ingredients include:
    • Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Numbers
    • European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances (EINECS) Numbers
    • Definitions, Chemical Structures & Functions
    • Chemical Classes
    • Types of products in which ingredients are used
    • Cross references to more than 70,200 trade names, chemical and technical synonyms and trade name mixtures
  • Cross reference to technical compendia (e.g., international pharmacopeias, Merck Index, CFR citations, UNII codes, protein reference codes)
  • Translation for corresponding Chinese, Japanese and Korean names

AVAILABLE TO PCPC MEMBERS ONLY. Annual subscription fees range from $1,050 to $9,600. One subscription allows access to all individuals in your company.

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