When you become a member, PCPC supports your business by providing valuable scientific expertise, strategic public affairs support, global industry representation and other information essential to a business’s success. Four strategic priorities guide PCPC’s work on behalf of our members: modernizing government policies, advocating for sound science, ensuring global access and maintaining consumer confidence.

PCPC Gives the Industry a United Voice

As the leading trade association for the beauty industry, PCPC is dedicated to educating consumers, legislators, regulators, NGOs and the news media about PCPC member companies’ unwavering commitment safety, quality and innovation. In an age of heightened digital activism and 24-hour news cycles, unfounded reports not grounded in sound science can go from a blog to legislation in state capitals and in Congress in what seems like the blink of an eye.

PCPC works tirelessly to ensure our members are able to operate their businesses successfully; advocates for regulatory harmonization globally to help companies conduct their businesses; and effectively communicates what companies do to put safe, effective products on the market and to make their communities better through philanthropic and other activities — all saving member companies valuable time and resources. To be most effective, PCPC needs the support and engagement of every cosmetic, fragrance and personal care products manufacturer, supplier and distributor.