PCPC Committees


PCPC’s steering and executive committees provide strategic guidance to staff to advance modernized government policies, sound science, global access and enhance the industry’s reputation. Steering and executive committees have a limited number of member representatives and are subject to certain qualifications. For more information, contact Mark Pollak at pollakm@personalcarecouncil.org.

  • Communications Executive Committee
  • International Steering Committee
  • Legal Executive Committee
  • Policy and Advocacy Steering Committee
  • Science and Regulatory Steering Committee


Communications Executive Committee

  • Builds trust for and enhances the personal care products industry’s reputation among key constituencies and works to establish PCPC as the industry’s most trusted, respected voice and advocate.
  • Provides strategic communications direction and guidance to PCPC’s key committees and staff, and provides direction on messaging and appropriate communications materials for key issues.
  • Comprised of senior-level communications, public affairs, consumer communications and issues management professionals from member companies, with the exception of media and advertising agency members.
  • For more information, contact Lisa Powers at powersl@personalcarecouncil.org.

International Committee

  • Works toward creating and implementing a favorable regulatory and business climate in international markets.
  • Committee members exchange information on areas of mutual concern and develop industry positions on the regulatory, technical, and trade aspects of the international cosmetic industry.
  • For more information, please contact Francine Lamoriello at lamoriellof@personalcarecouncil.org.

Federal Government Affairs and Legislative Committee

  • Examines and formulates federal legislative positions.
  • Participates in political activities and grassroots events.
  • Comprised of Washington representatives and government affairs professionals.
  • For more information, contact Meredith Simpson at simpsonm@personalcarecouncil.org.

State Government Affairs Committee

  • Monitors and manages state-level legislative and regulatory issues affecting the cosmetics and personal care products industry.
  • Membership is open to active and associate member company representatives.
  • For more information please contact Alicia McAfee at mcafeea@personalcarecouncil.org.

Cosmetic Entrepreneurs Committee

  • Empowers our smaller-sized members through education and networking opportunities.
  • Fosters the growth of responsible and informed corporate citizens.
  • For more information, contact Catherine McDonald at mcdonaldc@personalcarecouncil.org.

PCPC Committees

For more information about technical/regulatory committees, please contact our membership staff at membership@personalcarecouncil.org.