Lezlee Westine

President & CEO


Jay M. Ansell, Ph.D., DABT, ERT

Vice President, Cosmetic Programs


Alexandra Kowcz

Chief Scientist & Executive Vice President, Science


Francine Lamoriello

Executive Vice President, Global Strategies


Thomas F. Myers

Executive Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs, and General Counsel


Mark Pollak

Chief Operating Officer


Lisa Powers

Executive Vice President, Public Affairs & Communications


Karin Ross

Executive Vice President, Government Affairs


Megan Smith, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Elise Bailey

Senior Specialist, Government Affairs

Emily Burns, Ph.D.

Environmental Scientist

Patrick Cherestal

Director, Information Technology

Kenisha Cromity

Staff Counsel

Iain Davies, Ph.D.

Director, Environmental Science Programs

Pandora Dennis

Assistant Director, Member Services

Carmencita Douglas

Certificate Administrator

Carol Eisenmann, Ph.D., DABT

Senior Toxicologist

Shirley Gibbs

Marketing and Events Specialist

Carrie Gregory

Director, Meetings, Events & Senior Paralegal

Stefanie Harrington

Vice President, Public Affairs & Communications

Jonathan Hicks

Director, International Trade and Regulatory Affairs

Sofia Iszard

Senior Specialist, Communications & Digital Media

Stephanie Johnson

Senior Specialist, Science

Kelsey Johnson

Vice President, Government Affairs

Daniel Kim

Senior Data Specialist, Science

Joyce Lam

Senior Manager, Science Programs

Catherine McDonald

Senior Director, Member Services

Krista Merker Reilly

Senior Manager, Information Technology

Danny Narragon

Senior Accountant

Joanne Nikitakis

Senior Director, Cosmetic Chemistry

Kimberly Norman, Ph.D., DABT, ERT

Senior Director, Safety, Regulatory and Toxicology

Natalie Obermann

Vice President, International Trade and Regulatory Affairs

Seyitan Owoeye

Staff Scientist

Brent Parker

Director, Finance

Alexandra Peterson, Ph.D.

INCI Program Manager

Mary Schilling

Assistant General Counsel

Michelle Shands

Director, HR & Office Services

Mallika Vastare

Vice President, Government Affairs

Arthur Warren

Office Services Coordinator