Statement by the Personal Care Products Council on California SB 312 – Industry Has Long Supported Transparency



Stefanie Harrington, (202) 615-6558,
Jamie Kurke, (202) 258-5285,

Washington, D.C. – “The Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) and its member companies support the legislative intent of SB 312, which mandates specific fragrance ingredient disclosure for beauty and personal care products. We are pleased that today Governor Newsom signed this important piece of legislation into law. PCPC has long supported the voluntary disclosure of allergens in cosmetics and personal care products, and this legislation is largely consistent with our long-standing position.

“We also support additional transparency for fragrance and flavor ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products. In fact, many of our member companies voluntarily enhance their transparency efforts and provide fragrance information directly to consumers vis a vis their websites and other educational materials. We believe people have the right to know about – and a right to understand – the ingredients used in their products so they can make informed purchasing decisions.

“It is unfortunate, however, that Section 2 of the bill includes misleading declarations and misrepresents our industry. We support the legislation’s intent to provide consumers more access to information, but we fundamentally disagree with the implication that fragrance ingredients in cosmetics are not safe. As a result, we are unable to fully support the bill as written and have taken a neutral position.

“PCPC is the leading national trade association representing more than 600 small-, medium- and large-sized companies, including 100 that either call California home or have a presence in the state. The beauty and personal care industry is an important part of California’s economy, employing approximately 415,000 people throughout the state and contributing $28 billion to the its economy.”


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 Based in Washington, D.C., the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) is the leading national trade association representing the global cosmetic and personal care products industry. Founded in 1894, PCPC represents approximately 600 member companies who manufacture, distribute, and supply the vast majority of finished personal care products marketed in the U.S. As the makers of a diverse range of products millions of consumers rely on every day, from sunscreens, toothpaste and shampoo to moisturizer, lipstick and fragrance, personal care products companies are global leaders committed to product safety, quality and innovation.