National Cancer Survivor Month: A Cause for Celebration

By Louanne Roark
Executive Director, Look Good Feel Better Foundation

The month of June is often cause for celebration, bringing warm weather, longer days and much needed vacations. For us at Look Good Feel Better (LGFB), June is also a special celebration of National Cancer Survivor Month.

This month, we celebrate the resilient spirit of the more than 18 million cancer survivors in the United States and honor the tireless efforts of doctors, clinicians, researchers and scientists who have made survivorship possible. We also celebrate the families, friends and communities who have provided steadfast care and support during their loved one’s battle with cancer.

At LGFB, we acknowledge a deep understanding that has evolved over the years and recognize the importance of psychosocial support in the journey toward recovery and survivorship. LGFB empowers people with cancer by teaching beauty, self-care and wellness techniques to help manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment and to encourage a sense of normalcy. From skin and nail care, cosmetics, wigs and turbans, accessories and styling, LGFB strives to bring a touch of the ordinary back into lives challenged by the extraordinary.

Research shows that patient support programs like LGFB are a vital component of cancer care and complement the clinical care provided by medical professionals, fostering a sense of control, community and belonging when individuals feel most isolated. A patient’s emotional and mental wellness directly impacts their cancer outcomes, and we are proud to be part of the survivor experience.

LGFB represents a fragment of a larger, ever-evolving ecosystem that is transforming cancer from a terminal condition to a treatable, manageable one — an achievement worth celebrating. Since its inception, we have touched, united and uplifted more than 2.2 million cancer survivors in 27 countries worldwide as the only global charitable program addressing confidence, beauty, appearance, morale and a sense of normalcy for people undergoing cancer treatment.

We are inspired by the ongoing commitment to research into improved treatment options, outcomes and potential cures. The resulting advancements in diagnosis, early detection and treatment options are directly influencing outcomes and survivorship. At LGFB, we support and share the oncology community’s resolve to reach underserved communities to ensure access to care, information and support are available to underserved populations.

Fortunately, we are part of a robust and ever-growing industry dedicated to cancer prevention, treatment, support and, ultimately, eradication. Companies like Avon, Coty, Mary Kay, L’Oréal, P&G Beauty, The Estée Lauder Companies, Ulta Beauty, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Wella and many others have been dedicated supporters of cancer-related causes for decades and have helped advance some of the world’s most promising research. 

Here’s how you can help celebrate National Cancer Survivor Month:

  • Let the cancer survivors in your life know how thrilled you are to celebrate this month with them.
  • Donate to PCPC’s Look Good Feel Better Foundation or organizations advancing cancer research, advocacy and education.
  • Support companies that partner with LGFB to raise funds and awareness, and help recruit LGFB volunteers from among their customers and employees.
  • Spread the word that June is National Cancer Survivor Month by sharing this post on social media.

The narrative surrounding cancer has evolved tremendously. Today, we are fortunate to be able to talk about living with cancer — a monumental shift in just a generation. I have no doubt more extraordinary changes are on the horizon.

As you break out the summer clothes and sunscreen, let’s take a moment to honor the millions of people who count themselves as cancer survivors, and let’s continue our relentless efforts to find a cure that ends cancer for everyone.