Changes and Renewed Commitments for the Year Ahead

by Tom Myers
President & CEO, PCPC

As we begin 2024, I am humbled to take the reins as PCPC’s new president & CEO. I was fortunate to work alongside Lezlee Westine for more than a decade and am eager to advance the priorities she set in motion. I look forward to continuing to support and shape an industry that touches the lives of millions of consumers worldwide every day with a strong commitment to innovation, safety and sustainability.

Implementing Cosmetics Regulation

The Modernization of Cosmetics Reform Act of 2022 (MoCRA) is a significant milestone for our industry, providing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with additional oversight and enhanced regulatory tools while ensuring product safety, promoting innovation and bolstering consumer trust. PCPC will continue to work with the FDA on implementation while also working with Congress to ensure the FDA receives the $7 million in funding it needs to meet this mandate.

Ending Animal Testing for Cosmetics

For nearly four decades, in the U.S. and globally, our member companies have been instrumental in the movement to develop viable alternative safety assessment methods. The passage of The Humane Cosmetics Act will continue to be a priority for PCPC and our members who are dedicated to promoting ethical practices and non-animal testing methods that are humane and scientifically sound, reflecting our consumers’ values.

Creating a More Sustainable, Beautiful World

Our industry continues to make an extraordinary commitment to sustainability with more than half of our member companies integrating sustainable business practices into their operations and 56% of CEOs identifying sustainability as one of their top priorities. Our member companies’ efforts extend from minimizing waste to promoting renewable resources, but I know our industry can do more to reduce our ecological footprint and pioneering sustainable practices.

Creating a More Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive World

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are an important part of my vision for PCPC. I am firmly committed to continuing to diversify PCPC’s staff and leadership. As an organization, we have taken concrete steps to embed these principles through internal town hall meetings, recruiting and promotion practices that encourage more inclusive action, and training sessions on the importance of DEI practices. Our member companies promote diverse leadership and ensure their products meet the varied needs of our consumers. Women make up nearly 80% of the beauty and personal care industry workforce, and people of color represent 33% of our workforce. Nevertheless, we know we are not perfect and that we have more to do.

Promoting a Global, Holistic Perspective

Nothing happens in a vacuum, which is why PCPC and our member companies embrace a global, holistic approach to business. The interconnected nature of today’s world requires us to think beyond our borders. The ever-changing world around us drives research and development investments with scientific innovations and transformations taking shape in every corner of the globe. Our job is to maximize every opportunity to enhance the wellbeing of the millions of people who trust and use our industry’s products every day. We will continue to foster international collaboration and embrace global challenges as opportunities to learn, grow and make a broader impact.

I am proud to help lead an industry that enhances people’s wellbeing and contributes positively to our world. We are at a transformational moment, and I am ready to embrace the challenges and the opportunities ahead to build a sustainable, equitable, holistic and, of course, beautiful future for us all.