Beauty Counts…Time to Vote
Industry Pledge

Voting is a cornerstone of our democracy. It allows us to make our voices heard and take an active role in shaping the future of the places where we live and work. Given the importance of this civic duty, it is our role as employers to help eliminate barriers which make it harder for our employees to vote.

Beauty and personal care products businesses thrive when our employees are engaged citizens and actively participate in their communities. That’s why our companies will strive to foster a culture of civic engagement during this election, empowering our employees by providing flexibility and resources to help them be active citizens.

The beauty and personal care products industry pledges to:

  • Provide employees work flexibility or time off for the November 2020 general election. This includes civic engagement activities, such as voting, volunteering, working at the polls, or any other appropriate activity.
  • Encourage our employees to exercise their civic responsibility, including registering to vote, strengthening a culture of civic participation1.

Our employees deserve the necessary support to help them make time to vote and fulfill their civic duty. Our country thrives when all of our voices are heard and our votes are counted.

Every day, more companies join their industry colleagues by pledging to give their employees meaningful time to vote. Please check back here for updates.


1 Employees can visit to register to vote, find their polling place and other resources to educate themselves about the voting process.