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Select videos from the Personal Care Products Council are displayed below. Additional videos can be found by visiting our YouTube channel.

Our Commitment to Safety

Cosmetics and personal care products companies take seriously their commitment to people and the planet. It’s important that consumers have access to innovative, safe products that do what is promised to enhance our quality of life.

Science of Safety: Cosmetics Companies Work to Ensure Your Safety

Get an inside look at how cosmetics companies continuously work to ensure the safety and efficacy of your personal care products.

Get the Facts about the Beauty Business

Get the facts about the beauty industry and discover some of the positive impacts the industry has on society and the economy.

Get the Facts on Cosmetics Regulation and Safety

Uncover the truth about FDA’s regulatory authority of cosmetics, and get the facts about the safety of personal care products. Learn more at

Preserving Beauty

Learn about how preservatives, like parabens, protect your personal care products from harmful spoilage, and can keep you and your family safe.

Meet the Personal Care Products Council

PCPC is the voice of the beauty industry, representing a diverse membership of innovative companies. From science and safety to trade and regulation, we advocate for our members at the federal, state and local levels. To learn more, visit

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