Sustainable Packaging

Product packaging serves many important functions including, ensuring product integrity, product dosage and dispensing, convenience of use and storage and providing important information about product usage and ingredients.

The industry recognizes single use plastic packaging contributes to a global waste challenge. PCPC’s Member Companies are working together in coalition with other organizations to identify upstream and downstream solutions to packaging waste.

As an Associate Member of Sustainable Packaging Initiative for Cosmetics (SPICE), PCPC is working with Member Companies to define harmonized guidelines for sustainable packaging and create approaches and innovations based on eco-design.

PCPC’s Member Companies are also working with other leading circular economy and closed loop organizations to address the systemic challenges associated with recycling and the end of life waste disposal and recovery of packaging materials.

In addition, numerous PCPC Member Companies have made public, time-bound commitments to 100% renewable, recoverable, recyclable packaging.