Product Stewardship

The industry takes responsibility for managing the potential health, safety and environmental impacts that may occur throughout the lifecycle of its products. PCPC’s Member Companies utilize science-based human health and environmental safety assessments, as well as lifecycle analysis to optimize the design and development of products and minimize their impacts.

PCPC has internal committees, collaborations, and partnerships with other national and international trade associations and external organizations dedicated to advancing product stewardship including:

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR)
A U.S. based independent Expert Panel, non-profit, scientific body that assesses the safety of cosmetic ingredients.

Global Science Plastic and Polymer Task Force
This Task Force works to understand the physical and chemical properties of polymers, identify ingredients that need further assessment, and develop and apply risk-based approaches to understand the environmental impact of polymeric cosmetics and personal care product ingredients.

Products Stewardship Committee
A Committee of Member Companies dedicated to promoting the safety and stewardship of the products made by the personal care industry, aligned with the principles of: preserving the diversity of ingredients, full material health, being science and data driven, with consideration for responsible sourcing, use and disposal, informed design and manufacturing, and extended transparency.