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Statement by Lezlee Westine, President and CEO Personal Care Products Council  In Response to Reports that FDA Lacks Sufficient Resources  to Inspect Imported Cosmetics

August 4, 2017


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Washington, D.C. – “Consumer safety is a top priority for cosmetic and personal care products companies, with careful and thorough scientific research, development and manufacturing serving as the foundation for everything we do.  Decades of consumer experience with our products demonstrate that they are one of the safest product categories regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  We take very seriously our responsibility for the safety of our products and those who trust and enjoy them.

“Despite the very strong safety record of cosmetic products, the Council and its member companies believe more can be done to ensure that FDA has the appropriate authority and resources to regulate our products in the 21st century.  That commitment remains strong in light of recent reports that FDA lacks sufficient resources to inspect products imported into the U.S. 

“For the past 25 years, the Council has advocated for increased FDA funding to ensure the Agency has the resources needed to regulate our industry.  And for nearly a decade, we have worked with a bipartisan group of leaders in Congress and a diverse group of interested parties to modernize federal regulatory oversight for cosmetics.

 “The Personal Care Products Council is steadfastly committed to public health and consumer safety.  We support Congressional efforts to create a more modernized regulatory system for the personal care products sector – a system that is committed to advancing safety, innovation and consumer confidence.” 

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Based in Washington, D.C., the Personal Care Products Council is the leading national trade association representing the global cosmetic and personal care products industry.  Founded in 1894, the Council's 600 member companies manufacture, distribute, and supply the vast majority of finished personal care products marketed in the U.S.  As the makers of a diverse range of products millions of consumers rely on every day, from sunscreens, toothpaste and shampoo to moisturizer, lipstick and fragrance, personal care products companies are global leaders committed to product safety, quality and innovation.