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Statement by Halyna Breslawec, PhD, Chief Scientist Personal Care Products Council In Response to Inquiries about a New State of California Website Listing Materials Used in Cosmetic and Personal Care Products

January 13, 2014

Contact:  Lisa Powers, (202) 466-0489 or Hayley McConnell, (202) 454-0302

 “The nation’s cosmetics and personal care products companies are pleased to announce they have provided a wealth of ingredient information to the State of California under the Safe Cosmetics Act.

“The Safe Cosmetics program is aptly named because cosmetics are among the safest consumer products on the market.  Cosmetics and personal care products undergo rigorous scientific safety testing and review, and in the case of colors and products that qualify as over-the-counter drugs, are approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the authority that regulates cosmetics.  Additionally, federal law mandates that companies substantiate the safety of their products before they are brought to market.

“We appreciate the state’s efforts to create an online repository of ingredient information already found on product labels and submitted to the FDA under the Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP).  The state’s website, however, simply presents raw data that requires more context if it is to be meaningful and properly understood by the public.  For example, it is important for consumers to be informed that the ingredients listed on the website are found at concentration levels that scientists and authoritative bodies in California and around the world have deemed safe.  Other factors such as usage patterns that would provide consumers with necessary perspective are missing.  

“We invite consumers interested in learning more about cosmetics safety to visit,” 



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