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Statement by Tom Myers, Associate General Counsel Personal Care Products Council On the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) Announcement of Chemicals List

September 27, 2013

Contact:  Hayley McConnell, office (202) 454-0302 or cell (215) 932-5097 

 Washington, D.C. – “The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) released today a list of 312 chemicals, a subset of the 1,200 or more chemicals that will form the basis of its new Safer Consumer Products regulation.  These 312 chemicals reportedly have been detected through bio-monitoring studies, or have particular exposure pathways or traits.  Many of these so-called “Candidate Chemicals” have a long history of environmental and/or human health safety, and only a fraction of them are used as ingredients in personal care products.


“We will examine the list carefully in order to help our member companies understand the complex compliance process laid out in the regulation.  It is important to note that this list is informational only – representing a portion of the universe of chemicals DTSC is examining – and in no way prohibits or suggests any immediate public health concern relating to the use of these chemicals in consumer products.


“Product safety is the number one priority for cosmetic and personal care products companies -- it is a commitment that is fundamental to their businesses.  Manufacturers want to be able to comply with these rules and hope the final outcome will provide clarity to all parties involved.


“We look forward to working productively and collaboratively with the agency in a way that ensures our companies can continue to provide consumers with the safe, innovative products they trust and enjoy every day.” 


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