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Standardized Raw Material Information Form (RMIF)

The RMIF was developed by the Personal Care Products Council Safety and Regulatory Toxicology Committee (SRTC) to help streamline and communicate useful information regarding the global regulatory, safety and physico-chemical properties of cosmetic ingredients. The form is intended to provide a uniform information base for raw materials which will facilitate communication between raw material suppliers and manufacturers. The form is being offered for guidance purposes only, and should not be construed as a legal standard. Rather, it is intended to serve as a vehicle for information exchange between customers and suppliers. The Raw Material Information Form will be evaluated by SRTC on an ongoing basis to keep it up to date and with the goal of maximizing its usefulness. Click here to download the Standardized Raw Material Information Form. Click here for guidance on completing the form. Click here for more information about the Standardized Raw Material Information Form.