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International Cosmetic Legal & Regulatory Database

The Personal Care Products Council follows, identifies and obtains legal and regulatory documents from all over the world. These documents are translated into English, and added to the International Regulatory Database (IRDB). More than 80 countries are currently available and more countries and documents to be added (and updated) on an ongoing basis as new information becomes available. Where available, the original language documents are also posted in pdf format. 

The IRDB includes an ingredient database that allows users to compare ingredient restrictions and use requirements for more than 80 countries. Users can search this database and review the regulatory status of ingredients in one or several countries. IRDB is an annual subscription database that is available exclusively to Council members.


• Access up-to-date cosmetic and personal care products regulations, basic health laws, and government information

• FREE 24-Hour Preview Available
• Company Subscription – Unlimited Users
• Easy to use search functions

• Print and View all documents

AVAILABLE TO COUNCIL MEMBERS ONLY (For membership information, click here.)

Annual subscription fees range from $2,000 to $6,500. One subscription allows access to all individuals in your company.

Interested in the International Regulatory Database? Contact: Natasha Clover