Legislation & Regulation

Political Action Committee

Personal Care Products Council PAC – Voice of the Personal Care Industry
The Personal Care Products Council federal Political Action Committee (Council PAC) protects your freedom to manufacture and sell personal care products. Proposed federal legislation would overwhelm FDA with useless information and destroy industry’s ability to create innovative products and employ thousands of Americans who enjoy making products that are safe and consumers love. 
What are the benefits of a vital Council PAC? 
• The Council PAC will help ensure the election of candidates with views that are consistent with our industry.
• The Council PAC will protect our right to create innovative products that can be sold in a free and open marketplace.
• The Council PAC helps the industry maintain a strong, unified voice allowing our concerns to be heard on Capitol Hill.
• The Council PAC enables our industry to support policymakers who share our values.
Who will receive Council PAC funds?
The Council PAC is bi-partisan. We contribute to both Democrats and Republicans who share our values.
How is the Council PAC funded?
The Council PAC is funded solely through voluntary, personal contributions from the executive and administrative personnel of the Personal Care Products Council members. Corporate contributions are prohibited under federal law. For more information, please contact Meredith Simpson about the Council PAC at 202.454.0332.