International Committee

Personal Care Products Council International Committee

The Council's International Committee includes representatives of member companies that are active in international commerce. The Committee conducts quarterly in-person meetings to collaborate on issues of interest and concern, report on Committee and Council efforts and updates, and discuss and promote effective global cosmetics regulatory policy. The Committee is supported by the Global Strategies Department staff, which helps direct and manage the Committee’s issue advocacy, information facilitation, and international outreach.

Additionally, the International Committee comprises four regional subcommittees: Asia, Canada, Europe, and Latin America. The subcommittees meet via conference call as needed to work on specialized, high-priority issues requiring further expertise and coordination with international affiliates. The Subcommittees are actively involved in developing Council comments to foreign jurisdictions, and hosting foreign regulatory officials both in the U.S. and abroad, through Council-organized missions and seminars.

On an ad hoc basis, country- or issue-specific Task Forces are created within the Subcommitees to provide opportunities for more intensive participation by interested Committee members to concentrate on solving a particular problem. Currently, there are small-group task forces in place for China, India, Japan, Korea, and REACH. Membership in the International Committee, its Subcommittees and Task Forces, is a benefit of Council membership.

Global Strategies Staff Contacts:

  • Francine Lamoriello, Executive Vice President of Global Strategies
  • Glenda Williams, Senior Director of International Regulatory Affairs
  • George Bouboulis, Specialist, Global Strategies

Council Main Phone Number:  202.331.1770

Global Strategies Department E-mail:  Global Department

If you are a Council member, please visit the MEMBERS ONLY International Committee information page. (Username and password required)