Environmental Issues

As the 1980s drew to a close, environmental matters began to occupy a growing portion of the CTFA staff's time on legislative, regulatory and scientific fronts.

CTFA faced various attempts to restrict the volatile organic compound (VOC) content of personal care products in an effort to reduce emissions from consumer and commercial products.

Californiabecame the pioneer regulator in this area. The state placed restrictions on certain categories of products and set future VOC limits that placed certain products t serious risk in coming years. With many other states considering adopting regulations similar to California's, CTFA worked to persuade these states to defer legislating VOC limits until after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency adopted standards for these products.

CTFA negotiated intensely with a number of states to ensure that their VOC regulations did not unreasonably limit the formulation of personal care products and did not subject manufacturers to inconsistent limits in different states.

CTFA also began to focus on environmental packaging and claims issues before state legislatures. Several states enacted regulations or statutes designed to reduce packaging, encourage reuse or incorporate recycled content into packaging.

CTFA generally opposed legislative proposals mandating certain percentages of recycled content in packaging by certain dates. Rather, CTFA endorsed an integrated waste management approach.

In addition, the industry made a significant investment in testing the safety of packaging with recycled material; changing to different types of plastics; and reducing the amount of packaging for finished products.