Congressional Hearings

In July and September 1988, hearings held by Oregon Congressman Ron Wyden ushered in a new round of charges concerning cosmetic safety and inadequate federal regulation.

Specifically, the Wyden legislation (which was drafted but never actually introduced) included a pre-market testing requirement; increased FDA access to safety and consumer complaint data; mandatory registration of manufacturing establishments, products, and ingredients; and mandatory ingredient listing for professional products.

CTFA's response was essentially the same as it had been during the Eagleton hearings, almost 15 years earlier. CTFA again built its arguments around three major points: (1) cosmetics are safe; (2) the industry's voluntary programs work; and (3) FDA has existing and adequate authority to act if deemed necessary.

In response to the Wyden -hearings, CTFA launched three initiatives: (1) a voluntary ingredient labeling program for cosmetic products sold exclusively in salons; (2) an effort to increase industry participation in the Voluntary Reporting Program; and (3) the preparation of a report listing the status of approximately 1,000 -chemicals alleged to be toxic