PCPC Leadership

“PCPC member companies represent some of the most beloved and trusted brands in beauty and personal care today. We stand united in our commitment to our consumers and to product safety, quality and innovation.”

Lezlee Westine

President & CEO

“Families rely on our innovative and scientifically driven industry to deliver high quality products grounded in the very best science. If a consumer can’t trust that a product is safe, then nothing else matters.”

Jay M. Ansell, Ph.D., DABT, ERT

Vice President, Cosmetic Programs

“Science is the foundation for everything we do. Scientific advances, changes in consumer preferences and marketplace dynamics influence new product development. During the product development process, companies must follow many critical scientific steps to insure they are safe for everyone."

Alexandra Kowcz

Chief Scientist & Executive Vice President, Science

“Our commitment to healthy people and a healthy planet extends beyond our borders. Together with our member companies, sister associations and regulators around the world, we advocate for best regulatory practices across the globe.”

Francine Lamoriello

Executive Vice President, Global Strategies

“PCPC works diligently – through its federal and state advocacy, close engagement in the rulemaking process, and frequent participation in stakeholder work groups – to help our members successfully navigate an ever-shifting regulatory landscape.”

Thomas F. Myers

Executive Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs, and General Counsel

“As a leading trade association representing beauty and personal care companies, PCPC provides a unique level of service and maintains long-standing relationships between our staff and member companies. Trade associations are more important than ever as we navigate a post-pandemic world.”

Mark Pollak

Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

“We want consumers to love everything about the products they use and to trust the companies who make them. We are committed to being more transparent by sharing more about who we are, what we make, and how we make it.”

Lisa Powers

Executive Vice President, Public Affairs & Communications

“Whether it’s on Capitol Hill or in state legislatures, PCPC is a trusted voice on issues impacting the beauty and personal care products industry. We work with policymakers and key stakeholders to ad

Karin Ross

Executive Vice President, Government Affairs

“Our primary focus has always been on the health and safety of our employees, our communities and our consumers.”

Megan Smith, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

“Our work in state capitals is critical to ensuring our member companies can operate their businesses. Those efforts include working in coalition with NGOs, and business and consumer groups to moderni

Mike Thompson

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs