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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did CTFA change its name?

Our Board of Directors selected a new, broader and more contemporary name to better represent our growing and diverse membership in the personal care products industry. In addition, the Board chose a new motto, committed to safety, quality and innovation, to convey our industry’s shared core values.

How do I get a password for the Personal Care Products Council’s members-only site?

Personal Care Products Council members can contact the Council Member Relations Department at 202/331-1770 or at membership@personalcarecouncil.org. If you are not a Council member, click here to join the Personal Care Products Council.

What are Certificates of Free Sale/Who can apply for them?

The Personal Care Products Council is proud to offer members the opportunity to purchase Certificates of Free Sale (CFS) for a nominal fee. Many countries require these certificates to be submitted along with required import documentation before a foreign product can enter their borders. The CFS provides such governments’ customs offices assurance that the products exported from the U.S. are the same as the products sold in the U.S., and satisfy all state and federal requirements. For more information, please contact Carmen Douglas at douglasc@personalcarecouncil.org

How do I advertise in Personal Care Products Council publications?

For information about advertising with the Personal Care Products Council, contact Natasha Clover at clovern@personalcarecouncil.org.

How do I order Personal Care Products Council Publications?

To order or get price information on Personal Care Products Council books and CD-ROMs, visit the Personal Care Products Council Bookstore, call 202/331-0296, or fax 202/331-1969. For other questions about Council publications, contact publications@personalcarecouncil.org.

How do I register my company for a listing in the International Buyers' Guide?

Go to http://buyers.personalcarecouncil.org/jsp/BGSearchPage.jsp and click on "Supplier Listings."

How do I apply for an International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) name?

Fill out and submit Form TN, which can be found at inci.personalcarecouncil.org. If you have additional questions, contact Joanne Nikitakis at nikitakisj@personalcarecouncil.org.

How do I apply for a Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number?

Contact the Chemical Abstracts Service at 800/753-4227 or answers@cas.org, or visit their Web site.

Can the Personal Care Products Council provide sales statistics for the personal care products industry?

No, the Council does not collect statistical information on sales, trends, or marketing for the personal care products industry. Check your library or trade publications.

I would like to make lipstick, blush, etc. Can the Personal Care Products Council provide information on starting a business?

The Personal Care Products Council is a member service organization and cannot provide technical assistance to nonmember startups. However, the Online Ingredient Buyers' Guide provides a listing of raw ingredient suppliers, packagers, and other businesses involved in the manufacture of cosmetic products. Companies can access the Online Ingredient Buyers' Guide through the Personal Care Products Council Web site at http://buyers.personalcarecouncil.org/jsp/BGSearchPage.jsp. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at www.fda.gov also offers information on cosmetics.