About Us

Committed to a Sustainable Future

The Personal Care Products Council and its member companies – the most trusted and cherished brands in beauty and personal care – are committed to doing their part to make the world better. Whether it is conducting our businesses to reflect environmental responsibility, supporting numerous charitable causes in our determination to help those in need, or demonstrating the importance of giving back to our communities by providing jobs and professional development, our industry’s impact on the world is significant. 

>>Industry's Contributions to the Economy and Society:
Also in 2010, the Council commissioned this study to help quantify the important contributions the Industry makes to the Economy and Society. The findings illustrate the deep commitment of personal care leaders to promote and advance the three pillars of sustainability.

>>Sustainability Principles:
In 2010, the Council's Board of Directors approved these Sustainability Principles. They demonstrate the industry’s commitment to the three pillars of sustainability. As a part of this commitment, the Council conducts training and informational seminars to help members advance in their adoption and implementation of these important priorities.

     Industry Commitment to the Three Pillars of Sustainability