The Personal Care Products Council will hold its 2019 Annual Meeting Sunday, February 24 to Wednesday, February 27 at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida.  

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Monday Morning Plenary Session Speaker:

Paul Zikopoulos
Award-Winning Author, Future Trends Expert, and VP of Big Data, IBM

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Way We Live and Think

Paul Zikopoulos is changing the way audiences are looking at their businesses in terms of potential sales, obstacles, and potential for growth by sharing future trends that are starting to happen in real-time and have multiple applications. For example, shampoo brands that are connecting weather forecasts with personal consumer profiles to suggest the right mix of hair products for the day. He will discuss the next generation of technological change from the power of machine learning, to the opportunities in reading digital body language and joining the internet of things.

By sharing his insights on where big data comes from and the idea that “if you aren’t paying for it, you are being sold,” he breaks apart the roles of data collection and decision making for executives seeking the opportunities for disrupting their industry and leap-frogging the competition.

Named one of the “50 Big Data Twitter Influencers” by SAP, he has served as a big data consultant for “60 Minutes” and multiple universities, and has been named an expert on big data by publications such as Big Data Republic, Technopedia, and Analytics Week. An award winning writer, he has published more than 19 books and over 350 articles on data including Big Data Beyond the Hype, DB2 for Dummies, Understanding Big Data, and more.


About the PCPC Annual Meeting

PCPC’s Annual Meeting is the largest annual gathering of cosmetics and personal care industry executives, suppliers, and media professionals.  More than 500 attendees will gather in Palm Beach to share insights about the global, business, and policy challenges currently facing the industry.

For additional information about the meeting, contact Catherine McDonald, (202) 454-0310.