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INCI Name Process

Notice: The Personal Care Products Council is charging an application fee for the processing of INCI applications. These charges will be applied to the processing of all applications for this program. You will be asked to enter payment information during the application process.

International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) names may be assigned only by the International Nomenclature Committee (INC). Requests for the assignment of an INCI name must be submitted to the Council on an INCI Name Application form. Application forms are filed electronically at After a preliminary review by the Council, the INCI Name Application form is reviewed by the INC, and an INCI name is assigned.

Information sources are searched for details on the ingredient, and all available information is compiled into a monograph, pending publication in an update to the Council’s On-Line INFOBASE, wINCI and the next print edition of the Dictionary. INCI names are assigned to ingredients based on their chemical structure and composition. Because name assignments are based on written information provided by the supplier or manufacturer of the ingredient, it is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that the information submitted is complete and accurate.

To ensure the accuracy of name assignments and cross references in the Dictionary, the Council annually sends each supplier or manufacturer a report of their materials to be listed in future editions. It is the responsibility of each firm to inform the Council of any changes in their trade names, the composition of the raw material, and contact information.

Companies wishing to change an INCI name must send a written request to the International Nomenclature Committee. Such requests must include information supporting the request, including the rationale for the change, alternate nomenclature, and information on the structure or composition of the material, including analytical data, if applicable, to justify the change.

The INC also reserves the right to amend or delete names from the Dictionary when such actions are deemed necessary for technical accuracy or other reasons. Visit the On-line application to begin the process of registering your INCI, Trade, and Technical Names.