Personal Care Manufacturing Assessment Program (PCMAP)


PCMAP - A quality and safety program for cosmetic and personal care manufacturers


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The Personal Care Manufacturing Assessment Program (PCMAP) is a customized training, assessment, and quality assurance program specifically designed for cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers and suppliers. PCMAP was developed in alliance between SAI Global and the Personal Care Products Council to reflect the unique needs of the poersonal care and cosmetic industry's uniqueness.


Build your knowledge with SAI Global training courses, which explain PCMAP requirements and how to implement a PCMAP program. The “PCMAP – Understanding and Implementing Course” is designed as an overview of the program. “PCMAP – Auditing” will help attendees better-understand how to conduct PCMAP assessments.

Implementation Guide:
This guide features tips and instructions on implementation that are structured around each requirement of PCMAP. This easy reference guide is designed to simplify the assessment process through explaining each requirement and providing implementation guidance.

Think of this as a practice assessment. It’s a low risk review of your present status by a PCMAP qualified assessor. Use this as an opportunity to identify where gaps exist between program requirements and your operations.

PCMAP Assessment:
This is a comprehensive quality and safety assessment of your manufacturing operations. Ensure your operations are working within GMPs.

SAI Global Certified PCMAP Assessment:
Compliance with the PCMAP assessment requirements are certified by SAI Global, annual follow up assessments are scheduled, and a certificate is issued.

PCMAP Online Portal:  enables sharing of assessment reports with multiple customers, resulting in cost-savings due to reducing the need for multiple assessments at the plant level.             

For questions about the PCMAP program, please contact SAI Global at  or call 1-800-374-3818