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About the Personal Care Products Council

Every day, millions of consumers around the world rely on personal care products to live better, healthier lives. From moisturizers, lipsticks and fragrances to sunscreens, soaps and anti-cavity toothpastes, these products are essential to today’s consumer lifestyles. The personal care products industry is a global industry with more than $250 billion in annual retail sales.

The Personal Care Products Council (formerly the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association) is the leading national trade association for the cosmetic and personal care products industry and represents the most innovative names in beauty today.  For more than 600 member companies, we are the voice on scientific, legal, regulatory, legislative and international issues for the personal care product industry. We are a leading and trusted source of information for and about the industry and a vocal advocate for consumer safety and continued access to new, innovative products.